What is Connecting The Dots?

Connecting The Dots develops the ecosystem of the Collaborative Economy, it is the largest collaborative project in Latin America & Spain.

The program is composed of 4 phases. In the 1st phase, it seeks to identify each of the new initiatives (by 2018, more than 300 collaborative economy projects have been registered in Colombia, and more than 30 in Spain and we will continue Mexico, Argentina and Brazil and soon other countries in Latin America. In the second phase seeks to validate the identified projects, Third (Capacity building) and fourth phase (acceleration) This program will allow us to present the new disruptions by sectors of the economy, we will present a map and portfolio of solutions, to generate greater visibility of the collaborative economy and its growing community in Latin America & Spain, the diversity of solutions that make up this new digital and collaborative and economic transformation in which the world is involved, and our continent is no stranger to this evolution. We are co-creating the ecosystem and the community at international level, with the most relevant actors of each city in Latin America.

What is the Collaborative Economy?

Participate in the largest collaborative project in Latin America & Spain

and get more visibility to your project, venture or company

It’s very simple just follow these steps:

Sign up for the mapping and wait for instructions.

Confirm, participate and learn in the webinar.

Make and share your video.


Who can participate?

All the enterprises and / or companies that provide disruptive innovation solutions and conform the collaborative economy (see classification below) with technological solutions that automate / improve an economic process or activity through the development of communities, redefining the way it is consumed and / or that specific activity occurs.

What are the categories of the Collaborative Economy?

Next we present the collaborative economy framework, according to (Sharitories.co) Ouishare.

Citizen Participation
Citizen Participation
Participación Ciudadana
Local currencies
Local currencies
Monedas digitales
Guide Turistiche
Guide Turistiche
Guias Locales

Why the webinar?

The webinar will be in charge of one of our experts in London, expert in the realization of participatory / collaborative videos of high impact; as support for those who will be making their videos to be published in the mapping results.


There will be a classification and selection according to category and status of the solution. The graphic results (infographics) will be published based on the consolidated information of the projects, ventures or companies that completely dilute the required information; and in the audiovisual results (videos) only active and operational projects will be published.


The results of Mapping-Sharing Economy Latin America, will be published in: Web site for each country.
These results will be disseminated in the media both nationally and internationally.


Connecting The Dots, is developing the Collaborative Economy ecosystem in Latin America.
We are in search of brilliant people, collaborators – volunteers. Are you interested?

Initiatives that inspire!

It is a success story of Collaborative Economy, in the category Citizen Participation.

It is a success story of Collaborative Economy, in the Coworking category.

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